Bestia - Responsive Wordpress Tube Theme

Getting Started


Step #1

You can either choose to upload the theme to your server via ftp (only upload the unzipped folder „bestia“ into the folder wp-content/themes/ ) or via WordPress upload function. to use the upload function of the WordPress admin panel.

Step #2

Go to “Themes” menu and upload your theme then hit “Activate” button.


There are 3 plugins wich you can use in bestia, go to “Client Area” in our store and download the plugins.

Favorites > Favorites Plugin is an optional plugin to give the possibility adding a post into favorites list of the user.Its better using if you have buddypress installed.This plugin requires 3 pages (Video Favorites - Blog Favorites and Photo Gallery Favorites)

Wp Tiled > This pluigin is required only if you are using photo gallery.

Video Report > This Plugin will add a report content button under any post, video or photo gallery.

Bestia Pages

Go to “WP-Dashboard > Pages” in your backend to create or edit your pages.

Create a new page if you dont have one,on the screenshot below we are creating a new page called performers and we gave the template of the pornstar list,
this logic works also for other pages like Categories - Channels - Photo gallery etc...

Go to “Appearance > Menus” in your dashboard to create or edit your menus.

Create a new menu if you dont have one, check the screenshot below.

You can also see the image below to understand the menu structure in bestia theme.

In bestia v2 we added a new menu for mobile devices the push menu wich slides the body.

Bestia Widgets

Go to “Appearance > Widgets” in your dashboard to organize widgets in bestia sidebars.

Use drag and drop method to organize widgets,bestia has also own widgets, check the screenshot below.

You can also see the image below to understand the menu structure in bestia theme.

What is Buddypress?

BuddyPress is a powerful plugin for WordPress that transforms into a fully functional social network platform.Bestia theme is compatible with buddypress.

Go to to download plugin and install it like all wordpress plugins.

After Buddypress Activation go to the Pages and create required buddypress pages as Registration and Account Activation.

Now Go to your Wp-dashboard > Settings > Buddypress and configure the buddypress options together with the pages created.

Use the Top Right Menu of bestia for the buddypress menu.As you have this plugin installed in the menus section you will see another tab with buddypress menu items.Ignore the login and registration menu because it will be automaticly created on the top right menu section.Use only other items like logout,profile etc..


Step #1

On the screenshot below you can understand how the photo gallery is easy to create with some steps.Go in your dashboard gallery > add new and follow the image.

Step #2

After clicking on button Add Media go to Create Gallery Link wich is on the left side of the screen and start using the multi uploadr to upload your images or just use media library if you have uploaded before.

Step #3

And Finaly you are on the last gallery screen where you can organize the columns, the default is 3 but is better using the 4.

Step #4

Now scroll the page down and on the right side at the bottom you must have the link to set a featured image, Set a featured Image and publish your new photo gallery.

Step #5 (Optional)

If you want to make tiled photo galleries like in our demo site go in your account page download and install Wp Tiled plugin.Check the below screenshot to see how is easy to use.

Customizing Bestia

Before you make any cusomization or even start using bestia check the screenshots below

The following customization options are available in bestia v2:

Body & Thumblist

With the bestia v2 we brought new styling settings using the color picker sections via redux framework.The Body & Thumblist options change the color of body and the videos list.Here you can use a background image for your body or just a color.

Search Form


In pagination section you can choose a dark color but if you use dark pagination you must have a dark body,you can make numbers rounded and you can center the pageination if you wish.

Additional CSS/JS

In this section you can add additional stylesheet or javascript codes,if you are a developer or designer this is a very usefull section.

Bestia 2 Wodpress Adult and Non-Adul Tube Theme