TUBEBOSS - Responsive Wordpress Tube Theme

Getting Started


Step #1

You can either choose to upload the theme to your server via ftp (only upload the unzipped folder „tubeboss“ into the folder wp-content/themes/ ) or via WordPress upload function. to use the upload function of the WordPress admin panel.

Step #2

Go to “Themes” menu and upload your theme then hit “Activate” button.


There are 2 plugins which you can use with tubeboss, go to “Client Area” in our store and download the plugins.

Favorites > Favorites Plugin is an optional plugin to give the possibility adding a post into favorites list of the user.Its better using if you have buddypress installed.This plugin requires 1 or 2 pages (Video Favorites and Photo Gallery Favorites) to display the list of the favorited items. Download Favorites Plugin

How disable automatic display? Our theme has the favorites php code directly in theme files you dont need to edit anything for this plugin but you must disable automatic display from favorites plugin settings:Chec k the image below

WP-Tiles > This Plugin will give a sexy look to your photo galleries/images Download WP-Tiles Plugin This plugin dosen't have any configuration with tubeboss, usage is easy check Photo Gallery Creation to learn how to make your photo galleries tiled.

Tubeboss Pages

Go to “WP-Dashboard > Pages” in your backend to create or edit your pages.

Create a new page if you dont have one,on the screenshot below we are creating a new page called performers and we gave the template of the pornstar list,
the logic is allways same for other pages like Categories and Photo gallery etc...Photo Gallery Page is optional and is required only if you want to use the photo gallery section.

User Login Page

Go to “WP-Dashboard > Pages” in your backend to create a login page.

To get login form you must add the following shortcode [login-form]

Tubeboss has 3 menus.

  • 1. Main Menu (Primary Navigation)
  • 2. Guest Menu (The menu where you can put login/register etc.. )
  • 3. Logged in Menu (The menu where you can put menu items visible only for logged in users.. )

Go to “Appearance > Menus” in your dashboard to create or edit your menus.

Create a new menu if you dont have one.Add Menu items listed in the left side to your new menu and choose one of the menus explaned above.

Tubeboss Widgets

Go to “Appearance > Widgets” in your dashboard to organize widgets in tubeboss sidebars.

Use drag and drop method to organize widgets

What is Buddypress?

BuddyPress is a powerful plugin for WordPress that transforms into a fully functional social network platform.tubeboss theme is compatible with buddypress.

Go to to download plugin and install it like all wordpress plugins.

After Buddypress Activation go to the Pages and create required buddypress pages as Registration and Account Activation.

Now Go to your Wp-dashboard > Settings > Buddypress and configure the buddypress options together with the pages created.

Default & Manualy Video Posting

Posting a video is same as posting an article for a blog in wordpress,tubeboss is a wordpress theme.

Write a title, add some tags(optional), add performer(optional), add a featured image.

You can put an embed/iframe code in the post content or use theme metaboxes below the post content to add duration,description etc.

Step #1

On the screenshot below you can understand how the photo gallery is easy to create with some steps.Go in your dashboard (Photos > Add Gallery) and follow the image.

Step #2

After clicking on button Add Media go to Create Gallery Link which is on the left side of the screen and start using the multi uploadr to upload your images or just use media library if you have uploaded before.

Step #3

And Finaly you are on the last gallery screen where you can organize the columns, the default is 3 but is better using the 4.

Step #4

Now scroll the page down and on the right side at the bottom you must have the link to set a featured image, Set a featured Image and publish your new photo gallery.

Posting With Premium and Free Plugins

With Compatibility Section you can transform tuebeboss to your custom or premium plugin with just one click

On the screenshot below you can understand how the compatibility feature is easy.If you have any plugin in the options list like tubeace, wptubeplugin etc. Just click on plugin name and save settings.

Changing Custom Fields for Custom Plugins

We thought also for your custom plugins which are not in the compatibility options list.To use this feature you must have compatibility in default option Change default custom fields in tubeboss wizard section.

Tubeboss Sliders

Slider is optional you can disable it from the homepage via layout manager in theme settings panel

To create a slider you have the tab called slider in your wp-admin area,click on add new slider write a title and pick a featured image.Below the page you have two optional fields.Url(Link) and Video(for video field you can put mp4 or youtube urls.

Slider Settings

Tubeboss slider is very easy with the options in theme settings panel.Please check the image below:

Customizing Tubeboss

Before you make any cusomization or even start using tubeboss check the screenshots below

The following customization options are available in tubeboss v3:

Styling Tubeboss

With the tubeboss v3 we brought new styling settings using the color picker sections via redux framework.At the moment you can change only body background and accent theme color but in the future you will have more style options for this awesome theme.

Additional CSS/JS

In this section you can add additional stylesheet or javascript codes,if you are a developer or designer this is a very usefull section.

Theme Backup

In this section you can get a full backup of your theme settings.Import and Export is avaiable for many webmaster reasons.

Tubeboss Wordpress Tube Theme