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Video Submission Form

ZETATUBE has a feature called frontent video uploader. You can configure and show a video upload form in the front for your users using the shortcodes explained below.

To use this form first of all you have to jump to the theme settings panel > submit form tab
Add Administrator to Who can submit the video? option to test it before giving access to subscribers.So, in this form you can configure the video and image file sizes and and the video type.


After the configuration create a new page and paste the shortcode to display the form.


  • [upload] display the submit video form, allow the user submit the video at Frontend.

You can also include/exclude the category in the form by cat_exclude, cat_include option.
Example [upload cat_exclude=”1,2″], 1,2 is Video Category ID.

The cat_include option will ignore cat_exclude.

Other options:

  • vcategory: on/off: display/hide the Category field, “on” is default.
  • vtag: on/off: display/hide the Tag field, “on” is default
  • cat_orderby: order by “name” by default.
  • cat_order: order “DESC” by default.
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