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Please read first about WordPress Taxonomies.

WordPress by default has 2 taxonomies (category and tag which we are using as video categories and video tags in this theme) but we have created other 6 Taxonomies which you will see below with more details.

So, we are using the default wordpress post in tubeboss theme for the video gallery, this means that we are using category and tag as video category and video tag.

Post Types and Taxonomies

This theme has 2 more custom post types:

  1. “gallery” Photo Gallery
  2. “blogs” Blog

Both custom post types above have 2 custom taxonomies for each one.

Photo Gallery:

  1. “phototype” Photo Gallery Category
  2. “photo_tag” Photo Gallery Tag


  1. “blogtyoe” Blog Category
  2. “blog_tag” Blog Tag


There is another custom taxonomy called performer.

You can attach a performer to any video or photo gallery post same like a tag or category.

Taxonomy Images

All taxonomies here (Categories and Performers) have also the image support.

Performer Images

To attach a profile image to any performer navigate to performers tab under the posts or photo galleries.
A performer image must be larger than 182×267 pixels because we are using aqua resizer for wordpress and you can’t add external urls, this feature requires uploaded images in the wordpress media library and php GD Library installed on the server.

Category Images
Go in categories list in your wp-admin, you will see an image upload button for each category.

Also for the categories the display works via aqua resizer and it requires uploaded images in media library larger than 300×300 pixels.

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