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Zozoplay supports 4 locations for custom WordPress menus – Main Navigation Desktop Menu, Main Navigation Mobile Menu (Visible on mobile), Footer Left Links , Footer Right Buttons.

To setup the menus, navigate to ZOZOPLAY -> Menus page. Enter a name for your menu and add links to the menu by using the options given on the left sidebar. You can manage your menus using the drag and drop functionality. After setting up your menu, select the menu you just created from the theme locations dropdown box and hit the “Save” button.

You can add a new.gif icon after any footer menu item by activating menu CSS classes.

To add a new icon after the footer menu item please go in WP Menus page in your WordPress administration.
Activate css classes check the screenshot below:

Open the menu item and write new-item in order to display the new gif.

TIP: Read more about the WordPress Menus: WordPress Menu User Guide

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