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There are many different methods to post videos using wordpress classic editor with bestia theme. Lets start explaining with an embed or self hosted video.

1. Go to wp-admin -> Videos(Posts) -> Add New Post

2. On new post page you will see a metabox called Choose the video type.

A. Self Hosted Video

Open the dropdown then choose files and click on add files button (You can use multiple videos)
Recommended format: Mp4 (Mobile Friendly)

Note: If you get any file limit error when you try to upload a video please read our blog article How to Increase Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

To check your upload size, jump to Wp-Admin -> Media -> Add New, below you can see Maximum upload file size: xxx MB.

B. Embed Video

Copy the offered embed code from the x website. Supported types: iframe, embed, object

Choose Link/iframe Code option in the dropdown and paste the copied code into the blank area.

With our HTML-5 Video Player plugin you can play best known video file types: .ogg, .ogv, .webm, .mpd, .flv and .m3u8 using just the video url. So we are still on the first Choose the video type and stay on the first option Link/iframe Code then simply paste one of the above formats into the area.

As you see on the screenshot above, we have to paste url of the video it can be internal or external url wich ends with one of the supported minime types. (If you wish to upload a html-5 video like mp4 you can simply read our A. Self Hosted Video option)

Note: By default, if you don’t use any video grabber or mass importer software you have to upload 1 or more preview image/s for each wordpress video/post. For the embedded videos is something impossible but we are working on a new plugin which one will generate and set up images for your old posted videos or in real time once the upload is done.

C. Custom Embed Video

Our embed video metabox accepts multiple embed codes but not all type of embed codes are accepted because one embed has to start with one tag. If you add more than one embed code the single video page automatically creates a pagination and plays a video for each tab.

There are many different codes around with multiple tags which causes problems in post pagination, here you can see an example code.

So if you have a similar embed code that is causing pagination issue on the single page, download this mini-plugin, install and activate it. Once you activated go to the post editor and you will see a new metabox on the top called “Custom Embed Code”.

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