How to rename a custom field in wordpress using phpmyadmin?

Sometimes we change a theme with another and many things do not work like before because theme, plugin or anything else is developed by different coders in different ways.One of them are the wordpress custom fields.

For example you have some old video posts with a custom field that includes a video url for each one value.Your old posts had a custom field called “video_url” and your new theme has a custom field called “video_format” and you can’t change it for any reason, just go in phpmyadmin and run the following sql command:

UPDATE `wp_postmeta` SET `meta_key` = 'video_format' WHERE `meta_key` = 'video_url'

So, the above command will replace video_url field name with the new video_format name and you are done.
video_url = Old custom field name
video_format = New custom field name