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  • Istiak Emon Orrin

    Does it works with xvideos, pornhub, redtube, and youporn videos? I mean am talking about does its works with WP-SCRIPT plugins?

    • Dak

      The mplayer transforms default wordpress player to fluidplayer which has a nice look and in-stream video ads support but yes, there are some options in the extras tab which one enables what you are asking for only for two sites and extras tab is a gift but its not allways supported. Because if the source site adds any hotlink protection no one can resolve it in the future. Yes it works with wp-script you can take a look here too for more about the compatibility with wp-script plugin > https://mytubepress.com/store/wp-script-mode/ since our plugins work only with our themes.

  • tran tien

    how to download this plugin?
    I’ve bought popcorn theme

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