PopCorn Tube Theme



An awesome customization panel to upload logo, favicon, choose color, backgrounds and more.

HTML 5 Video Player

HTML5 responsive and mobile ready video player which plays html 5 supported formats.

Plugins compatible

Popcorn theme is 100% compatible with all video plugins.

100% Responsive

Popcorn works on any device like: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Self Hosted Videos

Upload your own videos directly in your post admin (will be played with html 5 video player).

Post Pagination

Supports multiple videos (embed or self hosted) in any video post.

Front-end Submissions

Allow users to submit videos and contribute to your tube video site directly from the front-end.

Advertising Locations

Display banners on the header, footer, sidebars and inside the video player.

Custom Logo & Favicon

Easyly upload your logo and favicon from theme settings panel without any file modification.

SEO Friendly

Popcorn is well coded and its frendly for all search engines…

Buddypress Compatibile

Allow user registrations, private messaging and more (simply a mini social network to keep your users on site….

Automatic Upgrades

You can update Popcorn like all other themes or plugins with just one click…

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  • The Very Best!

    Purchased 3 licenses for this theme and had all of the sites up in running in no time!

    The theme itself is perfect and allows for easy customization. The theme settings wizard is one of the easiest to use that I have ever seen! Makes setting up the theme a breeze.

    Support was extremely fast and answered all of my questions with the most impressive quickness. I am very happy! I wont buy a theme for WordPress from anyone else ever gain.

  • Nice Theme

    It’s really nice and beautiful, love working with it.

  • I have bouht a Pop Corn theme, excelent theme with very good features and excelent support when you need it.

  • Perfect Theme and Support

    Hello guys. My name is Paulo Silva and I am a safisfeito customer with the theme that I bought from this company. I researched a lot of themes for my sites (I have 3 adult sites) and after a long search journey, I ended up finding the PopCorn Tube theme. I simply fell in love with the features of the demo theme that these companies offer.

    I was just looking for 1 theme for the new site I was thinking about. But I enjoyed the PopCorn theme so much that I ended up buying the License for 3 sites.

    After I got the licenses I went to install it (very easy and simple installation). When starting to configure my concern was to translate the theme and to my surprise I ended up finding that there is an area in the settings of the PopCord theme that allows you to configure for any language. I was very happy and I configured the site for the language of my country, which is Portuguese of Brazil.

    After some time elapsed and with my site already working, an update appeared. It is always recommended to update the plugins, themes, applications, programs and etc. And based on that I made the update for the new version available. And it is exactly at this point that I could see the quality and extreme attention that my support gave in the after-sale.

    In this update, my site had some changes that I did not like, as we say in the popular term, a BUG happened.

    In this update, my site had some changes that I did not like, as we say in the popular term, a BUG happened. I got in touch with the support which quickly (less than 5 minutes) I answered the first message. I reported the problem and I was very well advised by the support member named Alberto. We were exchanging messages in the E-MAIL and he always very fast in the answers. He was totally committed to solving my problem. I noticed the great dedication of this support member who got me very well.

    He did not give up helping me while my problem was not solved. And it was then that after some e-mails exchanged he was able to solve my problem. I was so happy that I had to report this publicly in some way. This my cometary is totally spottless and verifiable. I do this so that other people know that they can trust this company. They can get the theme that you want from this company, because they will give support even after-sales. And even if it’s been some time, as was my case, they still will support you as well.

    I apologize if my English is not so good, but I was writing and using Google translator, because I only speak my language (Brazilian Portuguese). I hope I have helped you in some way if you dedicate yourself to acquiring your theme with these companies.

    And remember: Beyond the beauty of the theme, after-sales support is also very important and you will have both of these acquiring your theme with that company.

    I apologize if I stretched too long, but I needed to expose what happened to me and my satisfaction with the product and also with after-sales support.

    A big hug and success to everyone!

    Att.: Paulo Silva

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