Bestia - Changelog

Version 2.4.5
  • Fixed tubeace sponsor link issue
  • Version 2.4.4
  • Added compatibility for new tubeace 2.0
  • Version 2.4.3
  • Fixed wp-script single page error.
  • Version 2.4.2
  • Fixed wp-script duration problem.
  • Fixed problem with unveil lazyload.
  • Version 2.4.1
  • Removed - bestia breadcrumbs and replaces with yoast breadcrumbs, please use yoast seo breadcrumbs instead.
  • Added - New option in seo settings for default photo gallery description
  • Fixed - Rating button 404 urls in category pages.
  • Version 2.4.0
  • Fixed wpscript compatibility
  • Version 2.3.9
  • Fixed tubeace mp4 videos issue
  • Version 2.3.8
  • Fixed small and large players issue for tubeace users.
  • Fixed description problem for tubeace users(heading tags and urls)
  • Version 2.3.7
  • Fixed whithe blank page issue
  • Version 2.3.6
  • Fixed mobile header php issue for buddypress users
  • Version 2.3.5
  • Added new option to edit footer copyright in footer.
  • Updated Jwplayer to last version 7.9.3.
  • Fixed performer list issue.
  • Version 2.3.4
  • Removed Simple Share Buttons Adder compatibility to increase the page speed.
  • Included bestia's own share buttons with css 3 and font awesome using addthis api.
  • Included whatsapp share button in share section.
  • Version 2.3.3
  • Included Japanese translate files
  • Fixed small player issue for some post types
  • Version 2.3.2
  • Fixed tubeace widget thumbnails issue that was breaking the pages
  • Version 2.3.1
  • Fixed photo gallery and blog post tabs
  • Fixed javascript conflict with mobile menu
  • Fixed heading tag in blogs template
  • Moved mobile toggles jquery to the footer
  • Fixed bottom margin for video duration in related videos
  • Added visual editor to RTA option
  • Version 2.3.0
  • Fixed embed and iframes size in mobile devices
  • Version 2.2.9
  • Fixed image preview background for categories without thumbnail in flyout content
  • Fixed stars size for wp-postratings plugin under the thumbnails
  • Fixed broken header on page refresh by moving the stylesheet url from functions.php to header.php
  • Version 2.2.8
  • Fixed blank videos for wpxtube and wptubeplugin users
  • Version 2.2.7
  • Fixed homepage right ads half banner issue on screens less than 1344 pixels
  • Fixed on embed ads on screens less than 1500 pixel
  • Fixed inplayer iframe ads for small phones
  • Fixed javascript conflict in single page
  • Fixed a source in embed2mp4 function
  • Version 2.2.6
  • Fixed a:hover color css for main menu items
  • Added z-index property to the drop down menu which was visible behind the flyout content
  • Aligned to left text widget content
  • Added plugin wp-postviews support
  • Version 2.2.5
  • Removed a mistake in css which was breaking the mobile advertisement codes
  • Version 2.2.4
  • Fixed thumbnails css for devices with width 800pixels.
  • Included new key (option) belw the post editor to disable inplayer ADS for specific post.
  • Updated font awesome to latest version 4.0.7.
  • Updated Jwplayer to 7.8.7 (Next UP Video and New Related Videos).
  • Fixed favorites templates.
  • Restyled the mobile and tablet css.
  • Fixed php global variables and removed php notices when wordpress debug mode is on.
  • Included new options in Title & Phrases section to rename sorting buttons directly from theme panel.
  • Included new section in layout settings (Random Videos - Being Watched Now).
  • Removed an unnecessary div from footer which was causing a large space.
  • Included new option in player ads section to disable inplayer ads from mobile devices.
  • Restyled mobile menu buttons.
  • Moved ajax comment javascript to footer in async mode.
  • Moved custom css styles to footer, this job will effect to your page speed.
  • Included new option in seo settings to switch on or off meta description for taxonomies like performer, channel, category etc.
  • Removed php notices coming from tubeace functions.
  • Fixed commas issue in meta description with default video description tags.
  • Touch scroll categories under the video for mobile devices.
  • Reduced many php functions.
  • Included new section - popular categories with a closable div
  • Included new section - popular channels with a closable div
  • Included new section - popular performers with a closable div
  • Fixed javascript issues in single page tabs
  • Added animated toggles in mobile devices
  • Included new function to open mobile keyboard when search icon is clicked in mobile devices
  • Removed like dislike icons option from theme settings panel and replaced with font awesome icons to increase the page speed
  • Fixed heading tag float issue in blog content
  • Fixed inplayer advertisements in mobile devices
  • Added a new fourth sidebar in footer (footer section now has 4 sidebars instead of 3)
  • Included new option in image lazyloading settings to disable image lazyload (with 2.2.4 by default is disbaled, if you have a varnish type fast server you wont need it.)
  • Included a new option in seo settings to add custom analystic codes like etc.
  • Version 2.2.3
  • Fixed In player AD not closing the div
  • Fixed related videos for jwplayer
  • Rebuilded the carousel (Replaced bsxslider with lightslider)
  • Version 2.2.2
  • Fixed embed 2 mp4 function and added a new source
  • Version 2.2.1
  • Fixed default download button issue under the player
  • Fixed Description issue for tubeace and wpxtube users
  • .2Version 2.2
  • Fixed css bug(chrome browser) in close and play text for player advertisement section
  • Version 2.1.9
    • Created a new css file (single.css) Loaded only on single pages
    • Added lightsout in jwplayer (Cinema mode) Only For self hosted and external videos with jwplayer (not for embed2mp4 yet)
    • Fixed issue with heading tags in categories,channels,performer list and buddypress templates
    • Added new sidebar for video categories
    • Added Font-Awesome Icons in buddypress activities and messagges
    • Fixed css compatibility for the plugin paid membership pro
    • Added responsive html tables compatibility
    • Removed old bestia share buttons and replaced with a free plugin instead (Simple Share Buttons Adder)
    • Added css compatibility for a suggested contact form plugin (Simple Basic Contact Form)
    Version 2.1.7
    • Migrated Performer List Page
    • Moved performers A-Z pagination to the left sidebar
    • Fixed performer list pagination
    • Added new performer sort options (Alphabeticaly & Popularity)
    • Added sort options for channels (Alphabeticaly & Popularity) and limited pagination
    • Added sort options for categories list (Alphabeticaly & Popularity) and limited pagination
    • Restyled attachment.php for photo galleries
    • Included new option in limit posts section to change the number of tag cloud in tag list template
    • Restyled performer taxonomy
    • Added performer image in the left sidebar of performer taxonomy
    • Added subscribe (RSS Feed) button for performer taxonomy
    • Second Inplayer ADS (two banners inline)
    • Restyled inplayer & onembed ADS Section
    • Updated Jwplayer to 7.7.4 (Next UP Video and New Related Videos)
    Version 2.1.5
    1. Fixed metaboxes not saving html data issue
    2. Fixed issue with iframe and embed videos
    3. Fixed issue in meta description
    4. Fixed issue of thumbnail info for compatible plugins
    5. Fixed post limit in performer taxonomy
    6. Fixed oreder buttons videos/photos for each performer
    Version 2.1.4
    1. Added new function to play in jwplayer imported redtube videos via tubeace (Only Tubeace Users)
    2. Fixed color issue for titles in mobile categories menu
    3. Added new option in general settings to change the added time ago with views or categories for each post
    Version 2.1.3
    1. Fixed home page right advertisement height issue with chrome browser
    Version 2.1.2
    1. Fixed UnderPlayer CSS Issue for tablets and mobiles
    2. Fixed Fake Player link issue
    3. Fixed Language issue for the phrase "Arrange my results by"
    4. Fixed Jwplayer WatermarkLogo Link issue
    5. Fixed Jwplayer Logo Position issue
    6. Included HTML Minifier Function
    7. Included new seo options to change heading tags of your site
    8. new metabox for photo gallery description (Visual/Text Editor)
    9. Changed video description metabox with visual/text editor
    10. Fixed Footer Widgets Options issue in theme panel
    11. Included HTML Minifier function
    Version 2.1.1
    1. Removed an unvisible issue with get_header in bestia/inc/video_listing.php
    2. Version 2.1.0
    3. Fixed issue with posts per page in related videos
    4. Version 2.0.9
    5. Fixed syntax error in blog template
    6. Fixed css for font of activity inner of the buddypress
    7. Fixed option for random video listing on homepage
    8. Fixed rating results issue for plugin wp-postratings
    9. Fixed wp-postrating avarage images issue in big video player layout
    Version 2.0.8
    1. Fixed height of photo thumbs in right sidebar
    2. Fixed problem with number of videos in single widgets
    Version 2.0.7
    1. Fixed php Problem with Onembed ads
    2. Version 2.0.6
    3. Fixed Videos Sorter issue in Archives/Tags/Categories
    4. Fixed css issue for homepage ads and responsive design
    5. Fixed double post-like function which was causing the problem on server
    6. Fixed Css bug in tags template footer
    7. Fixed Archives sorting
    8. Removed HTML Minifier Function since its not compatible with PHP 7
    9. Removed OpenGraph Function from seo settings because was in conflict with Yoast and was causing server loads
    10. included dropdown support for the main menu
    11. Included New Template Full Width
    12. Included New Option in general settings called Header Messagge Bar
    13. Bestia Like/Dislike live animated live results with votebar and number of votes
    Version 2.0.5
    1. Removed Duplicated option of the fake post views in theme panel
    2. Fixed the issue in buddypress registration page
    Version 2.0.4
    1. Fixed issue with fakeplayer (now its working fine)
    2. Updated jwplayer to latest version 7.4.2
    3. Version 2.0.3
    4. Removed the white top border from mobile categories button
    5. Included New Option (Fake Post Views)
    6. Added correct size for the .mb_outer_div class of the wp-script videos
    7. Fixed the thumbnails width in single.php without sidebar
    8. Fixed Related Videos Title Issue
    9. Fixed Fakeplayer and included multiple affiliate links option
    10. Fixed no space issue in post tags and categories of the default video description
    11. Fixed header border-bottom color issue
    Version 2.0.2
    1. New Option to manage single page layout (Enable - Disable Sidebars)
    2. New Options section in style settings called custom icons to change the icons for like dislike and hd icons
    3. Removed The old Mobile menu and replaced with a new one wich is more powerfull for the pagespeed
    4. Included Avatar and user links in mobile menu for buddypress users
    5. Fixed broken css on page load
    6. Fixed phpmyvideoblog thumbnails issue
    7. Fixed CSS bugs for mobile and tablet Devices
    8. Fixed Problem with Prioritize visible content in PageSpeed Insights
    9. New color options for the top menus
    Version 2.0.1
    1. Removed 00:00 by default for duration
    2. Fixed wpscript embed doe custom field
    Version 2.0
    1. Added new wordpress title support (Document title *
    2. Tested on Wordpress 4.5
    3. Restyled Bestia (Removed all additional css files and included color picker options to create your own style - Unlimited Colors!)
    4. Removed Old Panel (ProPanel) and Replaced with Redux Framework
    5. Updated Jwplayer from 7.1.4 to latest version 7.3.3
    6. Fixed Wrong PHP Coding and Increased the PageSpeed!
    7. Included HTML Minifier Function
    8. Included New seo options Like Open Graph and HTTP Compression
    9. New Options to change titles directly from theme settings panel into your language without needing to edit via poeditor
    10. Included Import Export tool into theme settings panel.
    11. Removed old javascript files and replaced with different scripting to increase the page speed
    12. Included New Advertisement option for mobile devices called "Mobile ADS below the 6. Post (300x250)"
    13. Included New Homepage Layout Manager in theme settings panel to organize using the drag and drop function(we will add new features in this option as soon)
    14. Rebuilded All Functions and PHP Files
    15. Rebuilded The Custom Post Type Management Options Now You can change the slugs of custom taxonomy and post types with just one click wothout needing to rename any file.
    16. Included Font Awesome CSS instead of the image icons
    17. Added Search page for Photo Galleries
    18. Added Optional Search options, drop down icons video/photo in search box.
    19. Added new source youjizz and fixed xvideos source in embed2mp4 function
    20. Included New Menu for mobile devices (Slide - Pushmenu )
    Version 1.0.36
    1. Fixed Bug in single page when buddypress is activated
    2. Included new site source in embedcracker (xvideos and redtube fixed)
    3. New Metabox in new post section for 720x90 advertisement under the video player for each post
    Version 1.0.35
    1. Added FLV Video Support for tubeace users
    2. Fixed Preloader Image wich was only loading
    3. Fixed Inplayer ADS Closing time in embedded videos
    4. Version 1.0.34
    5. Added the missed div tag wich was causing layout problems in single.php
    6. fixed Inplayer ads size
    Version 1.0.33
    1. Updated Jwplayer to the Latest Version (Jwplayer 7 Pro now is Free Get License key from
    2. Included Related Videos in Jwplayer when a video is completed
    3. Removed Post Report using Form Builder and Included a new Plugin Instead
    4. Removed Flowplayer because Jwplayer 7 Has everything what u need
    5. Included New Field for new posts, Now you can just add the url of a video from xvideos and theme will convert it automaticly in jwplayer (We will add new Source sites in the future updates)
    6. Fixed The Inactive Sidebars
    7. Included new Minifier system for the pagespeed via php (html and css)
    8. Included Pre Roll Ads for Jwplayer with pause/play option
    9. Changed Video buttons functionality (when click to open a tab other opened tab will be closed)
    10. Fixed Buddypress CSS bugs
    Version 1.0.32
    1. Included Internal image for scroll to top
    2. Fixed Bestia Seo Meta Description conflict with post types
    Version 1.0.31
    1. Added Missed Title in Photo Gallery Template
    2. Added The Performer Box also in New Gallery Area to attach a performer in photo galleries
    3. Now the Performer Taxonomy Page is Sortable, Included 2 buttons Videos and Photos to display both
    4. Default Pornstar Image for the performers without image
    5. Included Favorites Button
    6. Included User Favorited Videos Template
    7. Included User Favorited Photo Galleries Template
    8. Included Member Blog Posts Favorite
    9. New Sidebar - 2 Buddypress Registration Page Sidebars LEFT and RIGHT
    10. New Sidebar - Included new 2 Page Sidebars as LEFT and RIGHT (pages and buddypress)
    11. Fixed Ajax Login Javascript Conflict
    Version 1.0.30
    1. Fixed Mobile Pagination Issue in Mobile devices
    Version 1.0.29
    1. Included New Missed Phrases in Language Files
    2. Fixed Single Layout CSS Bug
    3. Fixed phpmyvideoblog duration issue
    Version 1.0.28
    1. Included custom logo option for jwplyer
    2. Included the wordpress post thumbnail as preview image in jwplayer
    3. Included Jwplayer logo link option
    4. Included Jwplayer also in tubeace mass imported videos
    5. Included Custom Taxonomies and Post Type Management
    6. Included categories for Blog
    7. Included blog tags for blog
    8. Included photo tags for photo galleries
    9. Included new shortcodes in default video description as {post_title} {post_categories} {post_tags}
    10. Included Closable Advertisement for all type of Players and embed videos
    11. Included Fake Player for Mobile Devices, Preview Image under transparent PNG Player image that redirects to affiliate sites
    12. Removed Video Categories from Sidebar and replaced with a new bestia categories widget
    13. Widget Included Bestia Latest Videos
    14. Widget Included Bestia Random Videos
    15. Widget Included Bestia Random Photos
    16. Widget Included Bestia Blog Categories
    17. Widget Included Bestia Photo Categories
    18. Widget Included Bestia Random Blog Posts
    19. Widget Included Bestia Recent Blog Posts
    20. RTA Administration options
    21. Fixed bug wich hides also the share button when comments button is disabled from the panel
    22. Fixed css bugs in photo gallery
    23. Fixed and Restyled The Comments Form
    24. Fixed Comments Ajax Posting Issue
    25. Fixed Bredcrumbs for custom post types
    26. Modal Login and Registration Included for buddypress
    Version 1.0.27
    1. Fixed phpmyvideoblog compatibility
    Version 1.0.26
    1. Fixed Photo and Performer CSS
    2. Included Lazy Loading for thumbs everywhere (optional from settings panel)
    3. Included Preloader image in page loading (optional)
    4. Included new option to change the most liked videos order wpulike or wp-postratings
    5. fixed responsive css in photo gallery
    6. Pagespeed increased
    7. Changed the style of thumbs using also the rating average
    8. Included new metabox if video is hd to display hd flag icon on thumb.
    Version 1.0.25
    1. Fixed Mobile Pagination css
    2. Removed some new javscripts and minified to make theme faster
    3. fixed Mobile Categories List
    4. Removed sidebar from mobile devices
    Version 1.0.24
    1. Fixed Pagination
    2. Fixed Tubeace Issues
    3. Added new ADS Option
    4. Included also Flowplayer
    5. Added a new optional option for footer Widgets
    Version 1.0.23
    1. Fixed Mobile Menu
    2. Fixed Sidebar issue
    Version 1.0.22
    1. Compressed JS and PHP Files
    2. More faster and seo friendly
    3. Included some seo fixes in functions.php
    4. Included new options as report a video
    5. Fixed Comments Issue
    6. Fixed Video Suggestions Issue for unlogged users
    7. FixedPagination Issue
    8. Included Random Photos under single photo gallery
    9. Included random blogs under single blog page
    Version 1.0.21
    1. Fixed Gallery Issue
    Version 1.0.20
    1. Included JWPLAYER as default with buleratio skin wich we are using in
    2. Fixed tags issue
    3. Included Lazy Load for the Images
    Version 1.0.19
    1. Fixed some Missed Codes in Foto Gallery
    2. Included French Language
    Version 1.0.18
    1. Fixed Categories Under the Video Player
    2. Now You will see Pornstar,channel and Categories of the video instead all categories list
    3. Fixed CHannels Template.
    4. Added Pages Option In your Admin Theme Settings Panel (Now You can Change the pages in the buttons as MOst Viewed , Most Rated etc).
    5. Changed Photo Gallery and Pornstars Look.
    6. Addedd Mobile ADS Option for mobile devices
    Version 1.0.17
    1. Fixed Double Views Under Photo Galleries
    2. Added Categories of the video under videoplayer (using the thumbnails)and option to disable.
    Version 1.0.16
    1. Fixed Pagination issue in templates most viewed and most commented videos
    2. Fixed CSS Issue in comments Template
    Version 1.0.15
    1. Included wpxtube, phpmyvideoblog, tubeace , wptubeplugin and video Swipper compatibility now you wont need to upload compatibility files but you can just choose from bestia settings your grabber name
    Version 1.0.14
    1. Fixed two php files, bestia/inc/layout/thumblist.php and template-pornstars.php
    2. Created Channels functions for the next version
    Version 1.0.13
    1. Fixed CSS Bugs Added new style colors
    Version 1.0.12
    1. Added New options in Admin Area
    2. Fixed CSS Issues
    3. Included A-Z Pagination for the pornstar list